Please Mr governor do the needful, greeting is not the best you can give.
Please leave this Man alone let him concentrate on his work and you should wait for another four years.
That is true democracy because you are there for the poeples not for the party.
You shouldn't have said something like that Mr Sanusi because you are also a parent it can happen to anybody and can say because of kidnappers we should hold our children prisoner.
I urge voters to reject thatcherite 1980s tribute act, which would lead to more attacks on communities.
I think the party is taking too much time. It's perhaps this will provoke a final decision on this issue so that we put it to rest and we can move on.
It's very unfortunate and sad that lives of nigerians are lost as a result of custom actions it's also sad that our custom are not doing their jobs and they turn theirselves to killer.
That serve them better.
Congratulation on that remarkable I wish best of luck.
That's a good idea sir well said.
He must be justify because he didn't do it to one person.
That's good initiative and roll the dice on the project.
That's a good job well commendable please keep it up Mr governor.
Please continue with your hard working and loyalty to the president and stop listening to what people says about you.
Why local rice is more expensive than imported rice in the fist place we believe you people close boder for your own interests not for Nigeria.
No body believe in judiciary because is being control by gorvenors.
That it is absolutely rubbish if they can not differentiate coconuts from rice.
I lost hope in Nigeria justice because I don't know why DSS will failed to comply with the the court.
I think the best way to resolve issue between husband and wife is to apologise to each other without involve third party.
It's welcome and good move.
Nice one please to you do and God we crown your success.
Well said sir. More grace to you sir for that information sir.
Well said sir. More grace to you sir for that information sir.
Continue to be, you will surely be there or got what you want to achieve from it.
Congratulations to you and your family.
True talk huh?
That's a good ideas women need to be conscious of their pictures.
Well said our government should act fast on this fake news spreading on social media.
God we hear your voice in Jesus name amen
You said all because our leaders are not transparent
Well commendable and try to do what you says God we help us all
We all going to miss him because he is a good man, may he his soul rest in perfect shape and God be with his family.
Nigerian we need to be vigilant all the time.
That's a good idea and well commendable.
That's a good advice, please listen to your wife and try to learn from what she how to deal with other sex.
Good idea
Sorry for that experience, God we lead us through.
Sorry for that experience, God we lead us through.
May God help us from our comedian.
The only solution is to reduced port duties and work on the road.
The law maker is meant to build a nation and if a nation fail means our senator are not working.
Police should stop talking side so that people we have confidence in electoral process.
Our judiciary is messed up and we need to reform it.
I can only agree with you if you can sue that you are eating Nigeria Rice.
Before we can develop our country we need to set aside politics.
Continue your good job Mr project.
The only solution is to allow free entry and registered them, because if any one of them can commit a crime it will be easier to send them back.
That's a good innovation.
If our military can use all there effort on bokoharam and stop using them for unnecessary reason that is the only way we can defeat boko haram

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