On top money , you lost everything. Stupid being
He ought to be taken for brain check up
Security now getting better in South West. No stopping
Imagine a neighbor one could have trusted did such a thing . Life does not worth trusting anyone again
Falling I hope you have accepted the boss. This is getting serious
After you have finish distributing it to us for us to Battle
And I hope we fight it to the end
Though it can't bring them huh?. We blacks appreciate it
That's total rubbish.
There's a saying" nobody is above mistake"
Oyinbo sef with drama
Thanks dude sef. He just have ways to do things
It is true o. Business is not going so well, income is fluctuating
Imagine what we have huh? and we are still suffering to get it
That's what all aspirant always says when looking for power
Naxo. Those people that rapes,molest children would be given severe purnishment
A whole minister fighting dirty ah huhhuh??
Let other govs emulate this security vibes o
It was lack of obedience that killed him. Why did he traveled at night. Drivers dey doze during the day not to talk of Night that you suppose dey sleep
May his soul rest in peace
huhhuhhuhhuh. COVID-19 is no longer killing people the fear is doing the job
So bad huhhuhhuhhuh
But can cope with money embezzled
This is unfair. I hope he is not been used for exchange for someone
OMG. I pray those that did this to face the wrath of God soon. Please we pray for safety
I fear Nigeria judgement o. Those that are killing every blessed day are not sentenced to death
Politicians sef get actors. huhhuhhuhhuh
huhhuhhuhhuhhuhhuh??. OMG
Wow. That's nice. I respect foreign countries
Nigeria no fit try that one instead they will promote falsehood news
I support them being charged for murder. Sign of unhumanity
Enough of all this racial discrimination. I'm sure it played the major role in this case. We are all humans with different complexion
Kogi too don join league
Lol. huhhuhhuhhuhhuhhuh??
I can't laugh o. If one see credit alert that smile will just come from heart automatically
Very true. Good bless with that. They don't think what if they later broke
Welcome back Morgan. Your fans Don miss you
Debt no go kill us for Najia o. Loan again
Naa true talk. That's why dem dey act strong
You suppose prepare am for us so we can continue from where you stop
This people get plenty dirt Dem dey hide
I tire o. Instead they should have a better future for education they are wasting money
E suppose no pain you cause that is why you have been avoiding IPPS so your skeleton no go show
Hmm. We still need awareness on girl-child education cause we still have some people that have it in mind that female ends up in the kitchen
Politics in action
That's fantastic. Gain some lessons
But they said no drug yet. Are you thinking what I'm thinking
So Oyo don join false record. Keep it up

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