This is serious they shouldn't prolonged this case life imprisonment without mercy
Malnutrition is affecting Gombe more than any other state in Nigeria.
I think they should have stop this earlier before getting to this point.
Kudos to you for that, this is what we expected from our leader to be doing
What thay should have done before it is now affecting Nigeria. On your
This Gombe governor is trying despite being the state with different challenges In the state
I sure they're going to comply to the end
We are nothing in educational aspect. One of the major things affecting Nigeria
Are they really paying or it is been diverted ?
The more you do the grace you see remember
Nice one well recommend ma more grace to you
This case shouldn't be prolonged. Life imprisonment with no stress. But he felt sorry anyway.
We should stop dumping of refuse that could aggravate flooding, and residents must be vigilant and promptly report cases of any dumping of refuse into drainage that can cause drain blockage to the relevant government agencies.
Malnutrition is a alarming sign of Poverty. Only Gombe with this rate of Malnutrition.
That was touching. This is what we want our leaders, rich to do
I'm not sure if this sanitation cops will last
Flood in any way is not a good thing. People should understand this but instead, ignorance is killing them
I think this is agitation for war because it's based on lies, it's also based on deception
129 years imprisonment. Serves you right
God knows when they will sign it. Rape has been regarded as normal thing
That's true without technology we are going no where. This abroad we are going to if not for their unique technology their country will be worst
Some of these soldiers are abusing there power. Imagine such a heartless behavior
God help us o. We don't know who is who again
People dey struggle to eat you are busy celebrating
That's good. With this national identity, no small pinkin wey still dey wet bed fit enter University
I don't know why they haven't sign death panelty for this rape case
It's okay. Hope you are not decieving us . Remember Oyo don't talk
This is serious. Ignorance is really killing people. Most of them have been asked to move away but snub them
I think government should provide for those that are affected
May God help those that are affected
As for me, age doesn't matter it depends on the knowledge of the children and the parents
To me I think Tribunal should provide needful to this matter avoid such things
NDLA still have a lot of work to do on drugs issue.
Tribunal need to do the right so that nigerian we have trust in them
Good job well commended
Adoke suppose to carry the vice president along before taking any steps
The issue we have in nigeria today is God fatherizm that is why our democracy will never grow we should try to go away with it so that will be able to elect people's choice who can develop the state
Thumbs up GSM, I pray you have a good finishing
This is serious, Good help us in this country
Obasanjo is saying the truth. Thumbs up to you Sir
Despite being the salt of the world, what female faces is multiples of what males faces. Racial discrimination, culture all this goes a long way for females
If Agriculture was one of Nigeria's main source of revenue, we would have gone far. The same crude oil we have been focusing on turn to be the least
Imagine, what should those that have not been paid for months do ?
Should a policeman be provoked ?, isn't his job to protect ?
Just using style to spend money. 180 aides ah
FG need to do something on this matter, this rape case is getting too much
This one shock me o. At 17_ years_old going into marriage
What of other state when Federal capital is safe o ??
Oga o, just dey stress them self
Why do they have to change parties? We continue electing the same people in the name of cross carpeting

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