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Experience an easy way of increasing your monthly revenue without adjusting your budget. With over 10,000 daily users (and still counting), NairaPark is poised to deliver your sales target effectively. According to Alexa daily records, NairaPark consistently possess over 30 Pageviews per Visitor and each visitor spends over 50mins on the site. So why not focus on running your business while our platform help you achieve your sales target? Check out our offers below and tell us what suits your needs the most.
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NairaPark Super Shop
Super Shop is your ideal online shop for your products. It can be fully branded with the Name, Logo, Menus and Write-Ups of your Business. You can also setup a 728 x 90px Banner Ad for the top (header) and bottom (footer) of your Super Shop. You can as well customize the Page Menus, Footer Links and animated content of the “Latest Update” Bar to your Satisfaction.
You can set a short name for your Super Shop to enable your customers easily remember and access your products. This short name can be used as reference or dedicated link/URL to your Super Shop. Assuming you sell Amazon Products, then you can use "amazon" as your short name and your link can take this format: http://www.nairapark.com/amazon
Super Shop is loaded with Fast Relational Database Back-end to make sorting and searching of your products to be at the speed of light - capable of handling hundreds of your products!
Sell Upfront! Super Shop can associate accessories (similar items) with ordered items to generate more sales. For example, when a customer adds a Plasma TV to his shopping cart, Super Shop will automatically suggest that they purchase other related electronics such as Gaming System, Sound System, etc.
You can easily use Classifieds and Forum to promote links of your Super Shop products to fellow users and visitors on NairaPark.
Super Shop is also eqquiped with a robust Search Engine to quickly get your customers to the product they are interested in.
Unlimited Categories and Sub-Categories of your products! Super Shop will enable you to organize all your products such that no one gets confused while browsing through them.
Super Shop is equipped with secured online payment processors that accept both credit and debit cards from leading dealers such as MasterCard, Visa, Verve and others.
The Minimum Order feature of your Super Shop will enable you to easily set a minimum order price such that your customers will not be able to check out until their order exceeds your preset limit.
Super Shop is loaded with Automatic E-mail Invoice so you can expect both you and your customer to instantly receive e-mail receipt detailing information regarding all orders made.
Unique Confirmation Number is also made available for you and your customer so there is never any confusion about who and what was ordered at a particular time.
Super Shop is also packed up with an Inventory Tracker. This feature will help you to stop selling exhausted or out-of-stock products. Ofcouse, you can easily turn off this feature where it does not apply.
No registration required to browse your Super Shop! So your customers can easily browse your products without the need to register first. This is put in place to encourage product awareness and simplify the ordering process.
Super Shop is loaded with a Powerful Back-End where you can easily manage everything contained in it. This includes generating sales report and other required reports.
Super Shop is completely free! Contact Us to get started.
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Own an attractive Website along with Free Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Search Engine Submission and unlimited Email Accounts. Start Now »

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